TGG's Liquid Cooling TCO Calculation Tool (V4)

24 January, 2024 | Tool

Developed and presented for the review of TGG membership by the Liquid Cooling Standing Work Group of The Green Grid. 

Non-members will be asked to register on the site and pay to download.  Members may use their Causeway credentials to download the tool free of charge. 

Version 4 of the TCO Calculation Tool adds the following parameters to V3:   1. Adding LCE with workload types in addition to PUE which is independent of workloads 2. Adding Liquid to Air CDU in addition to Liquid to Liquid CDU only 3. Adding closed loop cooling tower in addition to open type only 4. Adding Direct to Chip cold plate two phase cooling option 5. Adding secondary fluid types: Alcohol and Natural esters 6. Adding building envelope for user selection 7. Adding lighting source for user selection