2014 Forum – The Impact of IOT on the Data Center

07 October, 2014 | Presentation

Christopher Kelley, Cisco Systems Eruch Kapadia, Cisco Systems John Parello, Cisco Systems John Pflueger, Dell

Over the next several years, the Internet of Things (IoT) will drive innovations across all segments of society – from imbedded sensors and wearable technologies; increasingly smart, data-enabled, and powerful edge and handheld compute devices; to a host of new and now unknown possibilities. When the currently disconnected becomes connected, we can expect new magnitudes of data storage, data transmission, and compute demands within and outside of data centers.

In this session, we explore the implications ofall things connected in the data center of the future – whether fixed, cloud, or distributed. Join the conversation with our panel of experts, and consider what we collectively and individually should evaluate as constraints and opportunities moving forward.