2014 Forum – Critical Infrastructure Protection: Keeping the Data Center Operational

08 October, 2014 | Presentation

Christopher Kelley, Cisco Systems Rob Sadowski, RSA  Billy Rios, Qualys John Pflueger, Dell Kripa Krishnan, Google

As our critical infrastructure systems become more intelligent, and control systems drive toward better coordination, performance, and energy efficiency, we become more reliant on the security and reliability of these systems to ensure our data centers and facilities remain operational and reliable.

This interactive session features a panel of experts discussing the current state of infrastructure security, including:

•Business context and risks associated with the protection of critical infrastructure systems
•Infrastructure management platform (DCFIM/DCIM, BMS, SCADA, and others) risks and opportunities
•Challenges on securing and maintaining the reliability of critical infrastructure
•Review of recent outages and incidents
•Areas to focus reliability and protection efforts, including electromagnetic and human factors