2016 Forum - Modern Approaches to Data Center Microgrid Development

09 March, 2016 | Presentation

Randal Kaufman, ABB Robert Kirslis, Eaton

Ensuring a continuous supply of clean power for critical electrical loads can be a significant attribute and justification for the implementation of microgrid infrastructure. Additionally, it can enhance power surety, security, and reliability by utilizing multiple on-site generation assets, such as renewables, fuel-based generation, and battery storage to deliver reliable energy in a controlled grid.

In this session, industry experts from ABB and Eaton explore the basics behind traditional approaches to microgrid development for critical applications before presenting concepts to help improve financial value, power reliability, sustainability, and accommodation for future growth.

The presenters examine the application and implementation strategies of both approaches in order to outline the most important considerations when planning and implementing a microgrid to support critical power requirements. Takeaways include the knowledge of how to address the unique requirements of any critical facility in developing a power surety plan and the basics of implementing a microgrid solution that provides the highest level of benefit from grid autonomous operation.