Liquid-cooled IT for the Masses: Achieving a Data Center PUE of 1.1

01 April, 2015 | Presentation

Dr. Tahir Cader, HP

Improvements to data center energy efficiency are advancing from numerous directions, including power distribution innovations, the creation of hardware better suited to customer applications to drive better IT utilization, co-designing data centers with IT solutions, and cooling system innovations.

In the high-performance computing (HPC) space, more aggressive cooling technologies, such as liquid cooling, are seeing rapid adoption. There is also increasing evidence that liquid cooling is making its way into non-HPC data centers.

In this webcast, Dr. Tahir Cader helps to demystify liquid cooling and discusses:
•Data center energy efficiency trends
•An overview of liquid-cooling technologies
•The role that liquid-cooled IT plays in driving improved energy efficiency toward a PUE of 1.1
•The challenges of implementing liquid cooling in the IT and data centers

In addition, The Green Grid’s Liquid Cooling Work Group and its upcoming projects are introduced.

Watch now to learn why the impact of liquid cooling on data center energy efficiency is truly compelling.