Roundtable: How Effective Are European Data Center Monitoring Procedures?

03 May, 2016 | Presentation

Lance Rütimann, Board Member & Program Committee Chair
Roel Castelein, EMEA Marketing Chair
Christophe Garnier, EMEA Technical Work Group Leader
Simon Brady, Chairman EMEA Liaison Work Group

The Green Grid hosts the second in a series of virtual roundtables to discuss its latest research in Europe into key trends impacting data center energy efficiency, monitoring tools, and the pressures placed upon IT leaders to increase energy efficiency.

Many key findings are discussed in this roundtable. For example, 88% stated that data centers are an important part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. However, nearly half (43%) have no energy efficiency objectives in place for the design and operation of their data centers. In addition, only 29% of organizations are able to entirely quantify the environmental impact of their data centers. This is despite increasing pressure from both national and EU policymakers to improve environmental sustainability. Nevertheless, 97% saw areas in which their data center monitoring, including energy efficiency, could be improved.

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