2012 EMEA Forum – Data Center Metrics

19 November, 2012 | Presentation

Dr. David Snelling, Fujitsu
André Rouyer, Schneider Electric

This session addresses data center metrics to measure resource efficiency in data centers. It gives the current status on the development of these metrics and on the progress made over the last few months. The Green Grid metrics that were discussed during this session include Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE), and Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE), as well as other industry proposed metrics, such as FVER and the study on the proxies to measure efficiency of the IT systems.

Lastly, this session addresses the integration of these metrics in the current works of the standardization organizations recognized by the World Trade Association, such as the European groups, Cen, Cenelec, ETSI, or international groups, IEC and ISO.