The Performance Indicator: Assessing and Visualizing Data Center Cooling Performance
22 June, 2016

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What keeps data center owners up at night? Capacity, availability, and sustainability.

A new white paper and tool from The Green Grid introduces the Performance Indicator (PI), a way to holistically assess and visualize data center cooling performance. By addressing availability, capacity, and sustainability simultaneously, the PI helps maintain safe and suitable thermal IT operations without losing sight of efficiency.

In this webcast, Mark Seymour provides an overview of the PI and a visualization and calculation method for continued cooling performance improvement. The PI should help data center owners and operators establish a complete and accurate view of the facility through predictive calculation of the future thermal state, as well as the current state.

This webcast presents definitions for the following:

  • PUE Ratio (PUEr) – incorporating “Energy Efficiency Ratings”
  • IT Thermal Conformance – acceptable IT temperatures during normal operation
  • IT Thermal Resilience – acceptable IT temperatures during cooling failure or maintenance

Learn all about The Green Grid’s new Performance Indicator and how it will help you assess data center efficiency in terms of energy while better understanding performance.

Please contact The Green Grid Administration if you have any questions.


Mark Seymour
Lead Author of The Performance Indicator

The Green Grid

With more than 30 years of simulation and measurement experience and more than 25 applied to building HVAC, Mark Seymour is CTO and a founder of Future Facilities. Established at the end of 2003 and focused on airflow/cooling in data centers from design through the operational lifecycle, Future Facilities provides CFD engineering simulation services and the 6SigmaDCX engineering simulation software, specifically built for data centers. Mark is a chartered member of the Society for the Environment, an active member of ASHRAE TC 9.9 and The Green Grid, and chair of the NSF-ES2 research project industrial advisory board.