WP#59 - Productivity Proxies Validation Study

03 October, 2014 | White Paper

Mark Monroe, DLB Associates Zeydy Ortiz, IBM

The Green Grid started the Productivity Proxies project as a method of approximating “useful work” in data centers. The concept was to develop metrics that were highly correlated to work being produced but that were cheaper, easier, and less intrusive to collect than counting every single transaction and combining them somehow.

In addition to the eight proxies proposed by The Green Grid, two additional proxies, IT equipment efficiency (ITEE) and IT equipment utilization (ITEU), were proposed by Japan’s Green IT Promotion Council (GIPC). These became the ninth proxy.

This validation study was designed to test the proxies in a laboratory and determine which ones correlated to useful work most accurately, which were easiest to implement, and which showed the most promise of being a generic measure of data center productivity.