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The Green Grid is an affiliate membership level of the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), a premier trade association that works to advance public policies for the tech sector. ITI’s Green Grid works to improve IT and data center energy efficiency and eco-design around the world. It is an open industry consortium of information and communications technology (ICT) industry end-users, policymakers, technology providers, facility architects, and utility companies. We offer the data center expertise that governments turn to for industry insight and counsel, bringing to bear the combined influence of a diverse body of ICT industry leaders. 

Our Mission

The Green Grid’s mission is to drive accountable, effective, resource-efficient, end-to-end ICT ecosystems. We do this by:

  • Establishing metrics
  • Driving an understanding of risk
  • Proactively engaging governments to influence effective policy
  • Providing frameworks for organizations to realize operational efficiency and maturity across the ICT infrastructure

In everything we do, we enable our members to:

  • Improve operations – reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve bottom-line results
  • Mitigate risk – stay abreast of emerging regulations and trends
  • Enhance thought leadership – raise brand awareness, drive industry-leading conversations
  • Strengthen the value chain – collaboratively identify mutually beneficial systems and processes related to energy/asset recovery and resource efficiency

Our History

The Green Grid was founded in 2007 with the collective viewpoint that energy efficiency in the data center is one of the most significant issues facing technology providers and their customers. This situation is not only due to exponential increases in power and cooling costs over the past few years, but also because customer demand for concentrated computing is outpacing the availability of clean reliable power in many places around the world. The Green Grid is the first industry initiative chartered to take a holistic view of the ICT ecosystem, with a focus on addressing the pressing issues facing data center users.

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The Green Grid is led by an Executive Committee, directors appointed by Board Member companies, and an advisory council of end-users from Contributor Members.

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Our members come together from across the globe and represent all sectors of the data center industry, including end-users, policymakers, technology providers, facility architects, utility companies, and academia.

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The Green Grid partners with technical organizations and government institutions across the global ICT ecosystem to collaborate on the development and adoption of a common set of metrics and measurements for data center resource efficiency.

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We recognize the dedication, time, and work our members put into furthering our mission and enhancing the resources available to the ICT industry.

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