WP#58 - The Green Grid Data Center Storage Productivity Metrics (DCsP)

30 September, 2014 | White Paper

James Espy, EMC
Carlos Pratt, IBM
Herb Tanzer, HP

Wayne Adams, EMC
Ray Angelone, EMC
Mark Blackburn, 1E
Mel Boksenbaum, HDS
Doron Chen, IBM
Ted Fay, IBM
Ealan A. Henis, IBM
Ronen I. Kat, IBM
Christopher Kelley, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Keith Klesner, The Uptime Institute
Tomoo Misaki, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
Rona Newmark, EMC
John Pflueger, Dell
Jack Pouchet, Emerson Network Power
Kim Shearer, Microsoft
Dmitry Sotnikov, IBM
Patrick Stanko, Oracle
Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA)
Roger Tipley, HP
Alan Yoder, Huawei

This white paper proposes a new set of metrics, data center storage productivity (DCsP), as part of the IT/Energy Efficiency & Effectiveness block within The Green Grid’s framework for improving data center resource efficiency.

DCsP metrics are defined as the ratio of useful storage system work to energy consumed. They make it possible for data center operators to determine the energy productivity of their storage resources, which in turn will allow operators to identify areas of inefficiency and potential improvements.

In addition to defining several specific DCsP metrics (DCsPcap, DCsPio, and DCsPmb), this white paper provides basic guidance on how to measure and use results to drive a storage strategy that increases useful work and/or decreases energy consumption over time.