WP#61 - Space Usage Effectiveness

05 December, 2014 | White Paper

David Wang, Teradata

Bo Cao, Emerson
Tsann Chang, Dell
Baohong He, China Academy of Telecom Research Institute
Jie Li, China Academy of Telecom Research Indtitute
Xiongwei Lian, Centrin Data Systems
Ben Tao, Intel
Jian Wu, Emerson
Song Zhang, Centrin Data Systems

The Green Grid has developed a new metric to complement the series of metrics it has introduced in the past few years, which includes the widely accepted and adopted Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric. The Green Grid proposes this new metric, Space Usage Effectiveness (SpUE), to address one of the most important challenges that data center owners face: space usage in data centers.

The new SpUE metric joins The Green Grid’s family of xUE metrics, which includes Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE) and Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) metrics as well as PUE. Data center managers can use these metrics to quickly assess the optimization of space, carbon, water, and energy usage aspects of their data centers, compare the results, and determine if any resource efficiency and/or sustainability improvements can be made.

Along with PUE’s broad implementation in the industry, CUE and WUE are gaining wider acceptance and adoption, and the SpUE metric is a natural extension of the xUE family. SpUE gives managers another tool to guide improvements in the effective use of resources.