U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR Score for Data Centers

23 March, 2023

The Green Grid (TGG) has partnered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on a new survey of data center energy and water use to allow for an update to the U.S. EPA’s 1-100 ENERGY STAR score for data centers.

The Green Grid (TGG) will be creating, administering and collecting the new voluntary survey of data center energy and water use.  Any identifying information will be obscured before any TGG member companies can access it.

TGG will analyze and identify specific operating factors likely to influence energy consumption and develop a list of operating characteristics to be surveyed, to facilitate development of an updated ENERGY STAR Score data centers by the EPA.   We will keep the collected information confidential and it will be anonymized before providing the survey results to the EPA. 

TGG will follow up with all organizations which have expressed an interest in participating in this voluntary survey and will provide further information in the coming months as the details are developed.

If you would like know more or to participate in the voluntary survey please send an email to TGG-EPA-SURVEY@thegreengrid.org