16 October, 2020 | White Paper

Donald Goddard, NetApp, Inc.
Eric Choi, HPE
Jeff Doolittle, HPE
John Dunham, NetApp, Inc.
Rick Elland, Dell
William Gallas, Intel
Jason Hinckson, HPE
Ricardo Gonzalez Llera, IBM
Pranay Mahendra, HPE
Joseph Prisco, IBM
Gary Verdun, Dell
Arthur Volkmann, HPE
Casey Winkel, Intel

The European Commission has requested test methodologies be developed to verify the operating condition class of servers and data storage products. For servers, the request states ”The unit should be tested with SPEC SERT® (Server Efficiency Rating Tool) (ISO/IEC 21836), or any other equivalent testing method suitable for simulating real functioning conditions of the product, and run test cycle(s) for a duration of at least 16 hours. The unit shall be considered to comply with the declared operating condition, if SERT reports valid results (i.e. if the unit under test is in its operational state for the whole duration of the 16 hours test). Testing procedures foreseeing a different test duration could also be accepted…” This paper reviews the European Commission proposed methodology for servers and proposes a modification to the proposal.