Data Center Nihoheto S1 - S4

28 August, 2020 | Video

[Members-only Learning Program]

Please access to Members-only "GTC Workspace" to play the Data Center NIHOHETO Session 1 - 4

  • Session 1 - History of PUE and What's new in PUE (recorded 6/23/2020, 90mins)
  • Session 2 - Electrical Equipment for Data Centers (recorded 6/24/2020, 90 mins)
  • Session 3 - Air Conditioning Facilities in Data Centers (recorded 6/25/2020, 90mins)
  • Session 4 - The Data Center of Tomorrow (recorded 6/26/2020, 90 mins)

The Data Center NIHOHETO is next step of members-only learning program IROHA course launched in October 2019, which is designed for those who are in the data center business and have not yet had any experience, mid-level professionals, or those who have completed the IROHA course. The NIHOHETO is in consist of the following 4 sessions.

Topics: data center