WP#74 - Solving The Costly Zombie Server Problem

01 August, 2017 | White Paper

Nicola Peill-Moelter, PhD, Akamai Technologies
John Frey, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Bob Landstrom, InterXion
Kevin Hogan, Panduit
Peter Jestico, Hitachi Consulting

Corban Lester, Willdan Energy Solutions

Zombies, servers both physical and virtual that are powered on but with little or no productive activity, are costing the world billions of dollars in CAPEX and OPEX. Compelled by the earlier findings of the legendary Uptime Institute Server Roundups, and more recent case studies confirming the persistence, prevalence and cost of unused servers, this work provides the organizational motivation and guidance for addressing the Zombie problem in your infrastructure. This white paper looks at the types and cost elements of Zombies across the organization so that you can develop a strong business case for garnering the buy-in and resources needed for executing a Zombie hunt; identifies the key stakeholders who will need to be engaged to provide resources and support; reviews the tools available to facilitate a successful hunt; details how to prepare a Zombie detection plan and deal with them once you’ve found them; and, finally, lays the groundwork for a compute-asset management program that will prevent Zombies from ever again rising from the dead. Zombies around the world are cowering in fear of the content of this whitepaper. Keep that fear alive by leveraging this guide to suppress your Zombies for good, and reap all the financial, productivity, and security benefits a successful hunt promises.

Topics: Zombie Servers