SERT 2.0.1 Result Generator

30 August, 2018 | Tool

This spreadsheet provides a method to generate SERT 2.x results from previously measured SERT v1.1.1 result files.  The calculations were provided by the SPECpower subcommittee of SPEC in Appendix A of  To use this spreadsheet, data from a SERT output file is entered into rows in the V1 Inputworksheet and SERT 2.x data for the EPA Server ENERGY STAR® 3.0 QPX form is generated in the Output worksheet.  This tool is soley for the purpose of generating SERT v2.x results for servers qualified under ENERGY STAR® 2.0 or 2.1 which were tested with SERT v1.1.1.  All new submissions to ENERGY STAR® 3.0 should use SERT 2.x.