Response to CNIS Server Efficiency Standard August 2018

01 August, 2018 | Report

CNIS, the China Government Agency responsible for server energy efficiency regulations, released a draft energy efficiency regulation for servers in April of 2018 and requested comments from The Green Grid and USITO.   USITO sent the comments in two parts and The Green Grid has reviewed and released them for publication as TGG material.

The first part provides an overview comment set which deals with specific non-quantitative concerns with the regulation and part 2 provides a quantitative comparison of the SEE metric (the CNIS draft proposal), a modified SEE metric (a USITO counter proposal) and the SERT metric.  Concerns were expressed with the proposal regarding the use of multiple test methods to gather the data to calculate the overall metric, the use of a smaller number of worklets than used in the SERT metric, the need to add a category for blade/multi-node servers and the use of a three threshold, four category grading system to assess servers.  


Topics: regulatory