Open Standard for Datacenter Availability Tool

19 June, 2018 | Tool


Rob Bunger, Schneider Electric
Chris Larsen, Interxion
Vasileios Deligiannis, Interxion
Wendy Torell, Schneider Electric
Pearl Hu, Schneider Electric


Lex Coors, Interxion
Phil Isaak, Individual Contributor
Bob Landstrom, Interxion
Julius Neudorfer, Individual Contributor
Mark Seymour, Future Facilities

OSDA or the Open Standard for Datacenter Availability was kicked off by The Green Grid early in 2016 to create an availability classification and rating system that is intended to promote innovation in energy efficiency and sustainable designs of data centers. A high-level overview of the initiative is provided by White Paper #71.

The online tool allows users to compare data center designs using the OSDA scale. The OSDA score will give a relative comparison of designs and NOT an absolute value for availability and reliability. This is intentional, since predicting actual design performance is fraught with complexity and assumptions.

It is recommended to watch this instructional video, before using the OSDA Online tool. Doing so will allow for better understanding of the results.  We hope use of the tool will provoke further discussion and development of OSDA.