Japan Annual MM 2017: Efficient Data Center Designs for Now and the Future

21 December, 2017 | Presentation

John Musilli
Data Center Architect
Intel Corporation

With the limited or expensive water, power and space resources in current and developing world regions for data centers it became important to develop a data center physical infrastructure that was repeatable, lower cost, and space, power, water efficient.
The designs, efficiencies and experiences to be discussed will show multi generation jumps in data center infrastructure in some cases a 10x improvement to the current designs and average efficiencies without complex engineering.
The presentation will identify actual designs that produce Sub 1.1PUE data centers. Designed and operated at 12,000 to 18,000 watts per meter squared, utilizing The Green Grid “Category 3” calculations.  We will also discuss design concepts that will reduce water utilization to less than 10% of conventional cooling tower topology
The space efficiency designs discussed are 10%-30% of traditional data center designs.