WP# 42 - Deploying and Using Containerized Modular Data Center Facilities

15 November, 2011 | White Paper

Editors: Christopher Kelley, Cisco Systems Jud Cooley, Oracle Contributors: Ron Bednar, Emerson Buster Long, Cisco Systems Suzen Shaw, Microsoft

The rapidly maturing containerized and/modular data center facility (CMDF) platforms offered within the industry today can enable organizations to realize significant and demonstrated technical and business value when properly applied. This value comes from the repeatable, pre-engineered, prefabricated, and quality-assured set of building blocks that together bring online the necessary amount of IT capacity.

This new containerized/modular approach to the construction and deployment of a data center can be expected to be rapidly deployed, have lower operating and capital costs, and be equipped with higher density and energy-savings targets. CMDF architecture has become an increasingly viable and robust alternative when considering a data center build, with multiple implementation approaches from various suppliers in the industry.