WP# 44 - Energy Policy Research and Implications for Data Centers in EMEA

25 January, 2012 | White Paper

Editor: Harkeeret Singh, Thomson Reuters Contributor: André Rouyer, Schneider Electric

Energy security, energy prices, and climate change have dramatically risen in governmental policy agenda, resulting in a comprehensive policy framework in many countries. The growth of data centers, along with their energy intensity, means the industry will be particularly affected by legislation driving efficiency of design, build and operations, above and beyond the business impacts of increasing cost of energy and of carbon.

This study summarizes the key policy mechanisms affecting the data center industry across a selection of countries in EMEA, focusing on (1) the regulatory obligations placed upon data centers operating in the country, (2) the voluntary mechanisms within the country with the impacts on reputation, (3) the financial incentives targeting investment in low carbon technologies and practices, and (4) the financial costs associated with energy and carbon aiming to incentivize action.