2014 Forum – Unlocking the Business Potential of PUE

08 October, 2014 | Presentation

Daniel Gaffney, Bank of New York Mellon Rona Newmark, EMC Corporation Jose Ruiz, Compass

The value of a continuous Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) program can be easy to quantify: companies use the industry-leading metric for basic improvements and progressive enhancements that often lead to direct bottom-line results in the form of kWH avoidance and millions of dollars in energy savings. Beyond PUE’s role as a powerful tool for measuring and enhancing data center energy efficiency, companies are also using PUE as a tool to make better business decisions and to drive results. Some organizations use PUE to make smarter business decisions related to deploying IT resources, manage TCO, or use capital more effectively. Others use PUE to understand the infrastructure of data centers for monitoring purposes and to assess ongoing and future energy efficiency performance. This panel provides examples and data demonstrating the various ways private companies are using PUE to maximize business opportunities.