2016 Forum – IT Capacity and Utilization Metric Development

08 March, 2016 | Presentation

Kathrin Winkler, EMC Corporation Lex Coors, Interxion Jay Dietrich, IBM Dan Gaffney, BNY Mellon Jay Vincent, Intel Corporation

The Green Grid's ICT Capacity and Utilization Metrics activity is developing a metric to quantify the IT capabilities delivered to the business (capacity) and the efficiency with which it is provisioned (utilization). It is intended to encompass computing, storage, and network services delivered by a data center operation and to serve as a basis from which to calculate the efficiency with which energy and other resources are being applied to deliver IT services.

In this session, members of the Capacity and Utilization Work Group present the current state of their work for real-time review and feedback by a panel of IT practitioners. The material covered includes use cases for the metric and its intended audience; simplifying assumptions; metrics for efficiency of each of the three major service categories (computing, storage, networking); and proposals for aggregating them into a single metric.

The feedback from the panel, and from audience questions, shapes the final phase of this work, targeted for delivery in Q2 of 2016.