Electronics Disposal Efficiency: A Webcast for Members of The Green Grid

26 March, 2013 | Presentation

John Pflueger, Dell

The Green Grid provides an exclusive overview of the Electronics Disposal Efficiency (EDE) metric.

During its first few years, The Green Grid’s primary emphasis was on reducing energy consumption in data centers. As industry interest in sustainability issues has increased; however, the association has expanded its scope of interest as well. The Green Grid is now proposing an electronics disposal metric for commercial end-users of ICT equipment. The metric, Electronics Disposal Efficiency, or EDE, is designed to measure how well an organization handles the disposition of its decommissioned ICT assets.
An organization’s EDE describes the percentage of all decommissioned ICT assets that are known to have entered a material stream where they will be handled according to responsible disposition guidelines. The EDE metric complements the Data Center Maturity Model (DCMM), which contains clear goals and direction for improving energy efficiency and sustainability throughout a data center.