Roundtable: Key Challenges Impacting Data Center Energy and Resource Efficiency

06 June, 2016 | Presentation

Lance Rütimann, Board Member & Program Committee Chair
Roel Castelein, EMEA Marketing Chair
Christophe Garnier, EMEA Technical Work Group Leader
Simon Brady, Chairman EMEA Liaison Work Group

The Green Grid EMEA leadership team hosts the third in a series of virtual roundtables to discuss its latest research into European data center usage.

Data centers do not operate in a bubble, siloed away from the rest of the organization. As such, data center operators who fail to recognize the wider business impacts of improving their resource efficiency could face significant challenges when embarking on their plan. The Green Grid's research found that these difficulties range from perceptions of data center operations to managerial concerns, with apprehensions about cost proving to be a common concern.

Key findings addressed include:
•Two in five respondents reported that their data centers are expensive to run (48%) or upgrade (41%), demonstrating that cost is the most commonly reported impact of data center operations
•Energy efficiency and operating costs are the most common areas of the data center reported as requiring improvement
•The difficulty in predicting future cost (43%) and the cost of refreshing hardware (37%) are cited as top challenges of developing resource efficient data centers, along with a difficulty of meeting environmental targets (33%)

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