2012 Forum – Deploying and Using Containerized Modular Data Center Facilities

06 March, 2012 | Presentation

Christopher Kelley, Cisco

Over the past several years, the data center facilities industry has begun a significant transformation. In this transformation, traditional perceptions of data center facilities as multi-year, site-constructed, low-density buildings are shifting toward viewing them as conceived and constructed from a modular, flexible, and certainly more rapidly deployable set of solutions. Within this latter view are solutions that include not only containerized platforms, but also modular, pre-engineered, and prefabricated building blocks. When deployed and integrated with the required mechanical, electrical, and related services, these building blocks come together and enable the end user to realize a complete data center facility, which can be rapidly deployed, achieve lower operating and capital costs, and be equipped with higher density and energy-savings targets. This session discusses how Containerized/Modular Data Center Facilities architecture has become an increasingly viable and robust alternative when considering a data center build, with multiple implementation approaches from various suppliers in the industry.