2012 Forum – Data Center Storage Efficiency Metric

06 March, 2012 | Presentation

Mark Blackburn, 1E

The Green Grid is creating a set of metrics to allow all facets of data center efficiency to be measured. This started with power and cooling efficiency through the use of Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and has since moved into looking at individual components within IT devices used in the data center. The first of these was Data Center Compute Efficiency (DCcE), which shows the efficiency of the use of compute resources in the data center.

This session expands on that vision with the next set of metrics – Data Center Storage Efficiency (DCsE) – which are designed to help data center operators determine the energy efficiency of their storage resources and identify inefficiencies. Using the DCsE metrics, data center operators can continually refine and increase the energy efficiency of their storage resources in the same way that they use PUE to improve data center infrastructure energy efficiency. This session covers how you can measure DCsE metrics and utilize that information to drive storage strategy that increases the energy efficiency of your data centers over time.