Legacy Glossary

This is a glossary of older terms. While many of the definitions are unchanged, some of the definitions may be out of date and some of the terms may no longer be in use in the Data Center industry. This legacy glossary provides definitions for hundreds of information and communications technology (ICT) and data center terms and acronyms. Arranged alphabetically and searchable, the glossary explains common industry vocabulary.
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A small cock fitted to a pressure or other measurement gage to allow for isolation of the gage for purposes of maintenance


A hardware or software setup that translates between two dissimilar protocols, or commonly, any mechanism for providing access to another system

Gelled Electrolyte

See electrolyte, gelled

Geometric Mean

A mean (average value) that is obtained through the use of multiplication and Nth roots rather than by addition and division. To calculate, take the Nth root (the power of 1/N) of the product of all N terms. The geometric mean has the interesting property that a certain percentage change in any one of the terms has the same effect as the same percentage change in any of the other terms and even successive changes in the same term will have the same effect as if the changes were instead spread over other terms. What this means in benchmarking terms is that a 10% improvement in one benchmark has the same effect on the overall mean as a 10% improvement on any of the other benchmarks and that another 10% improvement on that benchmark will have the same effect as the last 10% improvement. Thus no one benchmark in a suite becomes more important than any of the others in the suite

Global Positioning System (GPS)

A system of satellites and receiving devices used to compute positions on earth