In Support of the U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR® Program, The Green Grid Launches Survey on Data Center Energy and Resource Use

27 March, 2023

WASHINGTON – The Green Grid (TGG) launched a new survey today of data center energy and water use in support of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) ENERGY STAR® Program to update the U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR scoring methodology for data centers.

Data center owners and operators are encouraged to participate and contribute the data needed to update the ENERGY STAR Scoring methodology. This will enable the data center industry to continue its drive towards resource and energy efficiency improvements in its facilities, critical to the world’s fight against climate change.

The survey will remain available here until June 30, 2023.

This voluntary survey—available to all U.S. data centers—will enable TGG to deliver anonymized results to the U.S. EPA to facilitate development of an updated data center ENERGY STAR scoring methodology. TGG also plans to use the data collected to develop new performance and efficiency metrics for the data center industry. The survey is applicable to a range of data centers including large data center facilities, edge, modular, and containerized data centers.

"For more than a decade, The Green Grid has proudly collaborated with the U.S. EPA on its data center-related ENERGY STAR programs,” said Erica Thomas, Director for The Green Grid. “This is an important effort that takes into consideration years of modernization of the data center industry. As the world’s demand for data centers continues to grow rapidly, access to the best data center performance information is an important element to enable industry innovation. We encourage all data center owners and operators to participate."

“EPA is thrilled to be working with The Green Grid and is excited about the opportunity to update the ENERGY STAR Score and provide critical feedback to data center owners and operators on their energy performance,” said Craig Haglund, Data Center Lead for EPA’s ENERGY STAR Commercial Buildings program. “An updated score will give a more accurate measure of performance, and top performers will be able to pursue ENERGY STAR Certification to set them apart from their peers.”

The U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR certification is an especially significant achievement for data centers. This certification is specifically designed to encourage data center operators to increase performance and energy efficiency to support the United States’ critical digital infrastructure.

How to Participate:

The TGG U.S. EPA Survey will be available to all U.S. data centers here. A list of ENERGY STAR certified data centers is published on the EPA website here.

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