New Membership Director to Encourage Members to Collaborate in New Ways

The Green Grid is its members, and it is only their commitment to sustainability in global IT that enables our organization to achieve the work that it does. So, we have introduced a role to bring new members into The Green Grid fold and to help ignite both new members and old to collaborate in new ways in our many initiatives.

The new membership development director (MDD) – Valrie Dyhouse, who will also continue to serve as The Green Grid’s program development director (PDD) – will be leading our recruitment efforts globally. The primary goal is to work with local contacts to expand The Green Grid’s industry network by identifying and recruiting organizations that would benefit from membership or with which we can partner.

Valrie Dyhouse, The Green Grid's New Membership Development Director

The MDD will build deeper relationships with our existing members, ensuring that everyone with whom we work realizes constant benefits of membership. The research and development of industry best practice only has a purpose if it is used, both amongst our members and beyond, to improve efficiency and sustainability. The Green Grid is absolutely focused on our mission to drive accountable, effective, resource-efficient, end-to-end ecosystems. The more we collaborate as a membership body, the greater success we shall have.

The Green Grid really is only as strong as the sum of its parts. Its contribution to the industry is that it can galvanize and bring together many people from many different organizations to innovate new ideas, where perhaps alone they would be unable to do so. To that end we are seeking to encourage new and greater involvement in our mission. If you have colleagues that you feel could help our new MDD in membership recruitment and retention, urge them to contact