Fluid connectors are a critical component of liquid-cooled data centers. Make sure you choose the right one for your infrastructure!

David Vranish, CPC Worldwide, Chris Chapman, Aavid, and Tahir Cader, HPE

As liquid cooling has become more mainstream as an established medium for removing IT heat from a steadily increasing number of the world’s data centers, the connectors that support this infrastructure have become even more important. A fluid connector provides maintainability in a flow network that oftentimes requires 100% uptime, which is an availability requirement that more and more data centers must meet.

But there are many different fluid connector options to choose from, types of materials to consider, and new terms that describe their individual features to master, which has created confusion for the user.

Until now.

The Green Grid Association investigated the current fluid connector landscape for the user responsible for installing, maintaining, and servicing liquid-cooled IT for data centers and developed a helpful guide for users, Fluid Connector Best Practices for Liquid-cooled Data Centers. The guide offers:

  • A dictionary of useful terms that explain the common nomenclature used to describe fluid connectors
  • An overview of how quick disconnect fluid connectors work
  • Considerations when selecting a material type (whether plastic, metal, or a combination of the two)
  • Shipping best practices – it is more important than you would think

View the white paper to see user considerations for picking the right liquid connectors. It is free to members. Non-members may purchase the white paper for $150.