Data Center Basics Course - IROHA
14 September, 2021 to 15 September, 2021

TGG Members-only Seminar

Date/Time:  the date/time is indicated in Japanese Standard Time

September 14  13:30-17:30  IROHA Day 1 "This is how Data Centers was created"
September 15  13:30-17:30  IROHA Day 2 "What is a Data Center"

Format: Zoom 

Audience: Those who are inexperienced or mid-career in data center operations at the Green Grid member companies (including subsidiaries) and would like to learn the trends and broader background of data centers to date.

Admisssion: Free (Required to sign up for DC Training & Education)
Instructor: Masayuki Shinagawa, Invited Expert  of the Green Grid   

To join the session please RSVP through Event Calendar on DC Training & Education collaborative workspace)

Agenda: The course is consist of the following two sections to learn basics of data centers.

September 14  13:30-17:30  IROHA Day 1 "This is how Data Centers was born"

  1. Introduction
  2. Why the computer was born
  3. What is running in a computer
  4. The rise and fall of processing u nits
  5. The rise and fall of storage devices
  6. The rise and fall of communication devices
  7. The story of IT devices in operation
    1. what is a computer?
    2. what is storage?
    3. what is network?
    4. what is software?
    5. the difference between hardware and software
  8. This is how data center was born

September 15  13:30-17:30  IROHA Day 2 "What is a Data Center"

  1. List of data center configurations
  2. Impact of cooling and its methods
  3. Electrical equipment and countermeasures against instant power failure
  4. Other equipment
  5. PUE -  the biggest challenge for data centers
  6. Environment around Data Center
  7. Carbon Neutrality and Data Centers
  8. Differences between data centers in Japan and overseas

*The program is subject to change.


  1. This seminar will be conducted using a web conference tool (Zoom Meeting). It is recommended that each participant test the connection beforehand.
  2. This seminar is the Green Grid members-only and limited to member account holders.
  3. If you do not have a member account, please register your member ID (Email Address) through online registration form.
  4. The materials for each session will be posted in the Document folder of the collaborative workspace a day before the event.
  5. Each session will be recorded by the meeting host, and participants are not permitted to record or videotape the seminar.

Yuko Shigemura, The Green Grid
Tel: 090-3237-7189