WP#32 - Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE): A Green Grid Data Center Sustainability Metric

02 December, 2010 | White Paper

Christian Belady, Microsoft

Dan Azevedo, Symantec
Michael Patterson, Intel
Jack Pouchet, Emerson
Roger Tipley, Hewlett-Packard

In this paper, The Green Grid proposes the use of a new metric to complement the series of metrics that it has introduced in the past few years, which includes Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), Data Center Energy Productivity (DCeP), Energy Reuse Effectiveness (ERE), and others. This white paper introduces the Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE) metric and addresses data center-specific carbon emissions, which is emerging as an extremely important factor in the design, location, and operation of these facilities today and in the future. CUE, combined with PUE, enables data center operators to quickly assess the relative sustainability of their data centers, compare the results, and determine if any energy efficiency and/or sustainable energy improvements need to be made.