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The Green Grid recognizes the dedication, time, and work its members put into furthering its mission and enhancing the resources available to the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. As standards, technologies, and environments change, the work of its members is invaluable in ensuring organizations are at the forefront of evolving policy, metrics, and best practices.
  • Hugh Barrass Award

    The Green Grid community lost one of its dear friends and true champions when Hugh Barrass passed away in June 2014. All who spent time with Hugh recall his passion for improving resource efficiency in the ICT industry. To honor his memory and express our thanks for his many personal and professional contributions, The Green Grid created the annual Hugh Barrass Award. 

  • The Green Grid Key Contributor Award 

    The success of The Green Grid depends on the dedication and active contributions of its members. Each quarter, the association recognizes those individuals who have made significant contributions to its work with The Green Grid Key Contributor Award. 

  • Recognition of Contribution

    The Recognition of Contribution is presented to all members who actively contribute to the completion of a work item published by The Green Grid. Each recipient is awarded a certificate acknowledging their participation.