Applying ICT Capacity and Utilization Metrics to Improve Data Center Efficiency

21 March, 2017 | Presentation

Rona Newmark, Independent Expert, Data Center Energy Efficiency
Phil Isaak, Isaak Technologies
Jay Vincent, Intel

The Green Grid released Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Capacity and Utilization Metrics that data center owners/operators can use to track and communicate how ICT services are being consumed in the data center as a way to measure efficiency and effectiveness.

In this webcast, The Green Grid members Rona Newmark, Phil Isaak, and Jay Vincent provide an overview of the new metrics, including compute, memory, storage, and network elements, target users, and reporting, and explore how these metrics can be applied as:

  • A method to measure and assess the effective utilization of a set of data center ICT services and provide a simple indicator of used and available capacity
  • A common approach to reporting ICT capacity and utilization that helps senior management and business unit stakeholders understand output from their ICT expenditures
  • A guideline for IT organizations to better understand how ICT capacity is being consumed in their data center(s)
  • An early warning of problems that are preventing efficient deployment of ICT
  • A tool for assessing the efficiency of the ICT side of the PUE

Learn how you may be able to lessen the cost and environmental impact of energy consumption, decrease your physical footprint, avoid unnecessary capital expenditures, reduce unit count, and lower operating costs. Watch now!