2014 Forum – The Next-gen Data Center and the Smarter Grid: Standards, Interfaces, Challenges, and Opportunities

08 October, 2014 | Presentation

Deva Bodas, Intel Ana Maria Bailey, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Edward G. Cazalet, Ph.D., TeMix Inc., and MegaWatt Storage Farms, Inc. Girish "Rish" Ghatikar, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Vish Ganti, Johnson Controls Inc. Harry Handlin, General Electric

The energy supply industry is rapidly changing, moving from a centralized "dumb" energy distribution grid, to a highly diversified, distributed, and intelligent energy delivery architecture: New, diverse generation sources, coupled with a rapid uptake in cogeneration and onsite primary generation capacity, and a strong shift toward interoperability and interaction between the grid, supply sources, and demand sources (such as buildings and data centers). Future data centers may demand in excess of 20 Megawatts of power with some degree of onsite power generation, producing significant variance in their consumption, and creating major challenges for capacity management and reliability.

During this session, a panel of experts from across the industry discuss:
- Smart grid and data center connection standards and interfaces
- Challenges and issues, including those at the facility and the utility generation and local cogeneration level
- Considerations around ease of use and implementation
- Impacts and opportunities to large scale consumers (multi-MW facilities)
- Opportunities around utility energy incentive programs
- Just-in-time demand and supply generation
- Responding to reliability signals