2014 Forum – European Commission Projects on Data Centers: The Key Systems for Sustainability in Smart Grids and Smart Cities

08 October, 2014 | Presentation

Andrew Donoghue, 451 Research André Rouyer, Schneider Electric

The European Commission (DG Connect) recently launched six new co-funded projects that will address system level technologies and associated services with the objective to improve energy and environmental performance within data centers.

These projects will address software and hardware system-level technologies and associated services that monitor energy consumption and automatically optimize power, cooling, computing, storage, and data transmission operations in coordination with energy consumption, environmental impact, and cost policies. They will investigate network integration of renewable energy sources for powering data-centers situated in urban agglomerations and data centers under smart grid/smart city schemes. Finally, they will need to consider contributions to standards and industry bodies that develop methods and standards on the measurement of the energy and environmental footprint of data centers. A common cluster between these six projects has been set up to create harmonized metrics applying to the above objectives.

“RenewIT” is one of these six projects and is presented with more details during this session.