2015 Japan Annual MM – Loudoun County Recycled Water and Data Centers

17 December, 2015 | Presentation

John E. Bischoff D.Sc., George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Loudoun County in Virginia has experienced phenomenal growth in data centers over the past five years. Two of the reasons are obvious. As the home of the Metropolitan Area Exchange East, more Internet data passes through Loudoun County than any other location in the United States. Add the availability of reliable, low-cost power and it is no surprise that Loudoun County would be an attractive location for data centers. What is less obvious is the impact that the Loudoun Water Board has had on this growth. The recycled water program initiated by Loudoun Water from its Broad Run Water Reclamation Facility has caused almost all of this data center growth in a small pocket known today as data center alley. Loudoun Water has found a way to meet the strict environmental restrictions for the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay while providing an economic windfall for its customers and increasing its own cash flow.

The program is an example of how an environmental program can be a major success by simply being economically viable.