EN 50600: Building the Data Centers of the Future

13 October, 2015 | Presentation

Lance Rütimann, Program Committee Chair, The Green Grid, Senior Manager - Industry Affairs, Siemens

EN 50600 is in rapid development and on track to become the new European Standard for data center facilities and infrastructures. How will this impact global suppliers and companies that design, build and manage data centers throughout Europe and across the world?

In this webcast, Lance Rϋtimann takes an in-depth look at EN 50600 and its likely effect on organizations operating anywhere in Europe. In particular, he looks at how EN 50600 will impact the individual areas of a data center, including:

•Building Construction
•Power distribution
•Environmental controls
•Security systems

Watch now to learn how EN 50600 will impact your organization:

Part 1
Part 2