Harmonizing Global Metrics for Data Center Energy Efficiency – March 2014

13 March, 2014 | Report

This public memo addresses the agreement reached by the Global Metrics Harmonization Task Force on standard approaches and reporting conventions for data center energy productivity (DCeP).

The data center has become an increasingly important part of most business operations in the 21st century. With escalating demand and rising energy prices, it is essential for the owners and operators of these mission-critical facilities to assess and improve their performance with energy efficiency metrics. However, even with the global presence of many companies, these metrics are often not applied consistently at a global level.

To address these inconsistencies, a group of global leaders has been meeting regularly to agree on standard approaches and reporting conventions for key energy efficiency metrics. These organizations are the U.S. Department of Energy’s Save Energy Now and Federal Energy Management Programs, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Program, European Commission Joint Research Center Data Centers Code of Conduct, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan’s Green IT Promotion Council, and The Green Grid.