Technical Forum 2011 – Server Power Management 101

01 March, 2011 | Presentation

Tony Harvey, Cisco
Winston Saunders, Intel
Henry Wong, Intel

In the industry today, there is an increasing need for education around the management of power utilization and consumption. Today's servers, at the core of the data center, foster new and advanced opportunities for efficient application and use within today's IT environment. With a better understanding of these opportunities, the concept of server power management has the potential to become the ideal process for regulating power use. For data center personnel, building the knowledge base of the technology and the impact server power management has on operating and capital expenses lends itself to a more efficient and effective application of power management policy within the organization and the industry. This session focuses on the basics of server power management: the benefits of power management, the hierarchy of power management, the opportunities the learner has to manage power, and the learner's ability to do so.