2011 EMEA Tech Forum – Data Centre Implications Post-Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

13 October, 2011 | Presentation

Tomoo Misaki, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. Japan

Following the natural disaster in Japan on 11 March 2011, Japan’s nuclear power issues and entire electrical power scheme were changed, which included reduced power availability for the nation. For data centres, the power shortage was overcome by implementation many tools and methods recommended by The Green Grid. Putting these into practice helped reduce power consumption by data centres and provided good results.

Due to the non-Nuclear Power Movement in Japan, many of the nuclear power plants have not been able to resume maintenance. If none of the reactors are restarted by the spring of 2012, Japan will lose 25% of the electricity from north to south Japan. This presents a challenge for data centres and beyond. This session discusses the future of the power scheme in Japan, and the efforts in progress by the data centre owners and operators.