2012 Forum – Evaluation of Eco Mode for UPSs

07 March, 2012 | Presentation

George Navarro, Eaton Corporation
Brad Thrash, GE Energy

Implementing a UPS’s “eco-mode” is a recommendation in the Data Center Maturity Model (DCMM) to improve data center efficiency and lower Power Usage Effectiness (PUE). The energy efficiency gain and economic benefits of UPS eco-mode are provided, along with updates to the power distribution system efficiency (The Green Grid White Paper #16).

This presentation explores in detail the application considerations for UPS eco-mode performance along with recommendations for other power distribution equipment (i.e., static switches) needed to ensure reliable power systems.

The deployment of UPS eco-mode also requires an understanding of the power quality requirements of modern IT power supplies in servers, network, and storage equipment. This presentation provides updates on the latest voltage requirements for IT power supplies. Knowledge of the utility grid power quality is important to optimize UPS eco-mode operation and suggestions are provided for evaluating utility power quality.