2013 Forum – Case Study of EMC's Durham Data Center

06 March, 2013 | Presentation

Rey Gonzalez, EMC
Joe Terminiello, EMC

This session walks attendees through EMC’s data center strategy and highlights their Private Cloud Data Center. EMC representatives review the sustainable features of the building, new IT infrastructure architecture, and recent and future efficiency projects.

Built in 2010 as the DR site for EMC’s internal mission critical applications, the Tier III Durham Cloud Data Center takes advantage of new technology like flywheel UPS, air side economization, Eco mode UPS, as well as other high-efficiency infrastructure. From an IT perspective, EMC leveraged converge infrastructure technologies to design and build a common reference architecture that helped drive standardization, higher utilization, improved flexibility, and quick scale-out capabilities.

Building a new greenfield data center provides a great opportunity to leverage new sustainable best practices, but EMC found out there is also plenty of opportunity to improve upon a highly efficient, highly monitored facility. Certifying Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) accuracy, annual CFD modeling, and deploying containment solutions are some of the areas EMC has focused on over the last couple of years. Looking forward, EMC has its sights on air-flow optimization, raising the supply temperature, improving real-time monitoring, and leveraging the Data Center Maturity Model (DCMM) to identify new areas of opportunities.