2013 EMEA Forum – European Commission Data Centre Projects: All4Green

16 October, 2013 | Presentation

Sonja Klingert, University of Mannheim

This session offers an in-depth look at EU initiatives, the roles of ICT in Europe, and Europe’s advancements in sustainable data centres, cloud computing, and new business opportunities through green ICT. Information is provided about various EU projects, including All4Green.

The project All4Green shows that data centres with their huge power hunger can play an important role in addressing the challenge of energy and power consumption. The data centre is viewed as part of an ecosystem consisting of ICT users deploying services in the data centre, electrical power providers, and data centres cooperating in a federated way. By establishing a collaborative scheme within this ecosystem through green contracts supported by an underlying signaling technology, All4Green tackles two goals: it aims at saving 10% energy consumption in data centres and at saving CO2 emissions by enabling a cleaner energy mix. In order to evaluate the benefits of this collaborative approach, new metrics have been developed, encompassing both environmental and economic issues. Some of these aim at the data centre as a whole, others grasp new phenomena like the collaboration efficiency between data centre and energy provider.