The Green Grid Key Contributor Award 

The success of The Green Grid depends on the dedication and active contributions of its members. Each quarter, the association recognizes those individuals who have made significant contributions to its work with The Green Grid Key Contributor Award. 

2016 Award Recipients
Mark Seymour, Future Facilities

Mark Seymour is the chief technology officer and a co-founder of Future Facilities and an active member of The Green Grid. 

Most recently, Mark led the development of The Green Grid’s Performance Indicator, a new way to holistically assess and visualize data center cooling performance. 

With the introduction of a white paper and a tool that address availability, capacity, and sustainability simultaneously, Mark has helped position The Green Grid as the central organization in the effort to maintain safe and suitable thermal IT operations without losing sight of efficiency. 

In addition, Mark has lent his considerable expertise to a number of projects while continuing to serve as one of the main technical contributors who have shaped the Program Committee and its related projects. 

2015 Award Recipients
Gary Verdun, Dell

Gary Verdun has been an active participant in several of The Green Grid’s ENERGY STAR work groups over multiple years, is a member of the Government Engagement Committee (GEC), and participates in a wide range of regulatory efforts. 

He is a respected and continuing contributor to ENERGY STAR efforts, to other regulatory programs, and to overall GEC content development. 

Recently, Gary stepped forward to lead the GEC effort to respond to the Large Network Equipment (LNE) specification, a post he accepted in addition to his other ongoing activities. His leadership of the work activities made it possible for The Green Grid to be a participant in the specification development and review by ensuring that multiple members and viewpoints were represented. 

Lance Rϋtimann, Siemens

Lance Rϋtimann is an active participant in The Green Grid’s Board of Directors, EMEA leadership team, and the GEC. He is currently the association’s vice president and chairs the Program Committee, which manages the wide range of activity requests that drive content produced by members of The Green Grid. He is also engaged in a number of information and communications technology (ICT) oriented committees and organizations at the national and international levels. 

Lance has been highly active in reengaging the Program Committee and has worked diligently to amass deeper participation from The Green Grid’s member companies and individuals. This includes ensuring that the various regions are included in decision making by arranging meetings across time zones. 

Lance has distinguished himself through thoughtful proposals and recommendations that suggest innovative ways to increase engagement throughout the associations, such working with the GEC to bring forward EMEA activities and requirements to the global team. This effort has had the effect of increasing global visibility of EMEA issues. 


Bill Kosik, most recently served as a Distinguished Technologist at HP Data Center Facilities Consulting and has been a member of The Green Grid since its inception. 

Bill’s many contributions to The Green Grid over the years include helping the Liquid Cooling Work Group develop methodologies and processes for data centers using liquid cooling, assisting the task force charged with revising the process of developing PUE, and helping the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Work Group draft the qualitative report on the state of TCO modeling for liquid-cooled data centers. He also helped develop consistent methodologies to calculate or allocate energy use and associated carbon emissions for different data center types. 

Recently, Bill stepped in to lend crucial assistance to The Green Grid China’s Free Cooling Tool, working to validate and optimize current air-side free cooling tools. He also agreed to support the Liquid Cooling Work Group’s TCO tool generation, an effort that will greatly benefit from his involvement. 

Bill has numerous other TGG projects where he has lent his expertise while continuing to serve as one of the main technical contributors who have shaped the DCFC technical expertise in energy use optimization and sustainable design practices in data centers. 

Dr. Takao Shiino, Nomura Research Institute

Dr. Takao Shiino has represented The Green Grid for seven years, serving both as chair for the Japan Liaison Work Group and as an alliance manager for the ASP SaaS Industry Consortium (ASPIC) [link to ASPIC on the Alliance page], the Green IT Promotion Council, and the Japan Data Center Council. 

Under Dr. Shiino’s leadership, The Green Grid Japan has grown to include 16 Japan-based member companies and three individuals contributing to its efforts. The team has held 31 events during his tenure, ranging from member meetings and workshops to data center tours and the annual Japan Forum. In addition, Dr. Shiino has been a speaker and active participant at many global Green Grid events.