IBM Systems at HIMSS19: Making precision medicine a reality

14 January, 2019
Yael Shani

Are you getting the insights you need from your data, or are you just getting more and more data?

At the HIMSS19 conference and exhibition (Feb 11-15 in Orlando, FL), we will introduce new capabilities of the IBM high-performance data and AI (HPDA) reference architecture for healthcare to help your organization make precision medicine a reality.

Our HPDA architecture, based on IBM Storage and IBM Software-defined Storage solutions, software-defined infrastructure and IBM POWER9 servers, supports some of the largest leading precision medicine initiatives around the globe. It also orchestrates Summit– the world’s most powerful supercomputer designed for data and AI. This architecture deployed for cloud-scale data management, multicloud workload orchestration and converged high-performance computing with deep learning can help a lab, department, hospital or a global healthcare institute become data-driven, designed to deliver new records for speed and scale, cost efficiencies, collaboration and ease of use.

If you are interested in scheduling a meeting with IBM HPDA experts at HIMSS19 and exploring how to enhance your precision medicine journey, delivering improved time to insights, please e-mail:

Join our customers panel for a breakfast briefing

Transforming Healthcare with High Performance Data and AI Tuesday Feb 12, 07:15 – 08:15 AM EST, Room 202A.

Join our panel discussion and discover how your organization can become data-driven, and make supporting the future of healthcare an essential part of your DNA through real-world use cases.

This session covers the critical role that a high-performance data and AI (HPDA) architecture plays in supporting your fast-growing data and compute demands to solve some of the biggest research and analytics challenges facing your organization.

Register now and reserve your seat:

Meet our industry experts for a demo

Visit IBM Systems at the IBM Watson Health Booth #6459 in the ‘Enterprise Transformation’ zone

Learn how to accelerate precision medicine with flexible, scalable, secured and cost-effective high-performance systems optimized for data-intensive workloads and AI.

Get a glimpse of the technology behind key precision medicine use cases:

  • High-performance clinical genomics
  • CryoEM
  • Peta-scale data management
  • Parallel discovery & data sharing
  • Genomics pipeline & provenance
  • Metadata-based information finding & sharing
  • Clinical & research imaging (VNA/PACS)
  • HPC hybrid multicloud
  • PowerAI & PowerAI Vision
  • High-performance storage for EHR

Attend our sessions for a deeper dive

Learn about the outcomes world-class customers are seeing through sessions that will be held at IBM Watson Health Booth #6459

Hear inspiring sessions led by customers and partners who will share best practices and lessons learned on how to design a data architecture that supports the acceleration of discoveries, the advance of personalized care and the optimization of healthcare services.

  • Aetna Optimizes Services with High-Performance All-Flash Storage

Session # T1: Tuesday, Feb 12, 10:30 – 11:00AM EST

  • Personalizing Healthcare at Thomas Jefferson University: Redefining Humanly Possible

Session # T9: Tuesday, Feb 12, 2:30 – 3:00PM EST

  • Protect Sensitive Data and Safeguard Patient Privacy with KeyInfo Cloud          

Session # T15: Tuesday, Feb 12, 5:30 – 6:00PM EST

  • Louisiana State University: The Journey to Summit – A Supercomputer Designed for Precision Medicine

Session # W2: Wednesday, Feb 13, 10:30 – 11:00AM EST

  • Washington University Delivers on the Promise of Precision Medicine

 Session # W8: Wednesday, Feb 13, 1:30 – 2:00PM EST

Want to learn more? Join our industry leaders for interactive discussions:

  • IBM Cloud Object Storage for Medical Data: Cloud Scalability & Economics

Session # TA1: Tuesday, Feb 12, 10:00 – 11:00AM EST

  • Accelerate Precision Medicine with High-Performance Data and AI Architecture

Session # WB1: Wednesday, Feb 13, 11:00AM – 12:00PM EST

Session # ThA3: Thursday, Feb 14, 12:00 – 1:00PM EST

  • The AI Transformation in Healthcare with

 Session # WA4: Wednesday, Feb 13, 1:00 – 2:00PM EST

  • Advancing Clinical Imaging and Medical Diagnosis with AI 

Session # ThA1: Thursday, Feb 14, 10:00 – 11:00AM EST

To learn more, watch this video.

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