For non-members, the 1-year license is available for $4,000 USD and may be used by all company employees but may not be shared outside of your company. To obtain a 1-year unlimited license for your company please complete both of the steps on this page.

As a reminder, access to the TCO tool is included in membership.  To explore membership options and their associated dues, please visit:  JOIN

Use of the TCO on-line tool must comply with TGG's Terms of Use

To register your individual access on an existing company license, please complete only the registration portion.  

Register as a TCO-access guest

  • Guest registrations may be created for an individual or may be shared.  (Eg or   
  • Access is limited to a single company email domain (note that non-company specific/third party email domains are not allowed, eg gmail, hotmail, etc.
  • )If your company has already paid for access for another employee or another team you will receive your credentials by email without requiring additional payment, but access will be limited to the time remaining on the earliest registration. 

To complete registration, click here


Once you have completed the registration, you will receive an email from TGG's Secretariat informing you that you may proceed to payment. Registration as a non-TGG member may take up to 5 business days.




Once payment is received you will receive an email with your credentials.  Delivery of non-member credentials (after payment is processed) may take up to an additional 5 business days.
Note:  Multiple employees from your company may register to access the tool without additional payment.