Data Center Iroha Session #1

28 August, 2020 | Video


[Members-only learning program]

"Data Center IROHA Session 1 -  Birth of the Data Center", recorded (3 hours) on June 17, 2020.  

The Data Center IROHA is a members-only learning program launched in May 2018 developed by Japan regional group of the Green Grid, which is in consist of two main sessions, Session 1 for "Birth of the Data Center" and Session 2 for "What is a data center? The IROHA program is designed mainly for inexperienced and mid-level professionals involved in data center operations. The next step of IROHA, called NIHOHETO launched in October, 2019, is designed for mid-level professionals. The NIHOHETO is in consist of short 4 sessions. 

Topics: data center, data center iroha